2 editedMy name is Michael Cassidy. I was born in Fresno California on November 30th 1986.  To Michael and Brenda Cassidy. A couple years later in 1988 my younger brother was born. Shortly after that we moved 45 minutes South to a town called Lemoore. Where i basically grew up. About a year after that i started grade school. My parents had split up when i was younger. So my brother and me moved around a lot. We basically grew up in the  same general area of California. Growing up i started playing sports like baseball. Which I stayed with till about my second year in high school. I also did a lot of out doors activities. Such as  bmx, Skateboarding, and rollerblading.

In 2004 After my junior year in High school i moved to Orlando Florida to go live with my Mom and my now step dad for my senior year.  After my senior year i started working in the restaurant industry. At some points working multiple jobs.  In 2008 a couple friends and i took a vacation to San Diego California.  Which after are experience we  decided to move. So we came back to Orlando and gave ourselves a year to save up. Then in September 2009 my friends and i moved to San Diego.

edited 4Soon as i got settled in San Diego I Immediately Found a job at a cafe. Then about a month after  that i found a second job at a restaurant.  I would continue to work both jobs for the next four years. Shortly after that i found a passion for fitness. Which became a life style.  About a year after i moved  I would befriend a couple. Comes to find out they were owners and co-operators of a Martial Arts studio. One day they mentioned how they were impressed with my size. And thought it would be impressive if i were to perform a sword form. They mentioned their was a Martial Arts tournament coming up in a month and wanted to see if id like to train and perform at it.

I trained 4 to 5 days a week for a month straight. Then when it was time for the tournament  I took a  place in the top 3 in my class for my  sword form.The week after the tournament the two martial art instructors invited my back to the martial arts studio and proposed that I would be a great fit for their studio and Offered to train me. If i wasn’t at one job or the other i was at the martial arts studio. I eventually became an assistant instructor and helped with the instructing of classes. I did so for about two years. Till  i received the news that the martial arts studio where i was training at was closing down.

img_0008I still keeping myself  in the gym. For myself It isn’t only a passion but a lifestyle where I build my day around.  A buddy of mine that i would train with at a gym started training at a strength and conditioning gym and wanted me to come check it out.  About a month after trying it out i decided it was time to take my training to the next level. It is an Athletic type of training. Which brought me back to the feelings of both Martial Arts training and weight training which i have become so passionate about.