2 editedMike lives in San Diego, California and was “discovered” by a traveling business man from Texas.  His voice was deep and resonated something that the business person thought needed to be heard across America.

So began his journey.  Today, Mike is developing a following and reaching out to talent agents, producers, and businesses who need to have their voice heard in the market place.

Mike enjoys the California lifestyle while pursuing his dream in the entertainment arts. He enjoys fitness, martial arts, and studying what life throws at him.

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He looks forward to learning about your production and being a part of its success.  The right voice helps move thoughts and action and Mike is interested in being a part of that journey.  If you are ever in San Diego, he would love to meet with your team.  Make your voice heard.

More on Mike:

Michael “Mike” Cassidy has just wrapped up web commercials for JRB Venture Alliance, Marketing Dynamics, And Joanna Sanchez Entertainment.

JRB Venture Alliance, Marketing Dynamics and Joanna Sanchez Entertainment are a few of the companies and projects Mike has worked on. Including Texas defense group, and many others.

Mike has trained in the art of acting with Joanna Sanchez. From Joanna Sanchez Entertainment, out of Los Angeles.

Mike has started a media career with voice-over work, doing web commercials. He is also breaking into acting with his training from Joanna Sanchez Entertainment and networking with Kaleti Williams.

Mike has always been intrigued by voice-over work from the animation works of Disney growing up, to the animation and story telling of Japan.

On Sundays Mike goes to church. Not in the usual sense. He volunteers as part of a team to make sure the church is safe and secure.

Mike enjoys Traveling, trying new foods and dinning experiences as well as cooking. Mike likes to stay physically fit from weight training, to Martial Arts, and Rock climbing as well as yoga.

Mike the Voice